Over a year since COVID-19 came to the UK. How have we adapted our approach?

February 2021 We now find ourselves nearly one year on from the first of 3 lockdowns resulting from the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC. This has shaken mankind to the very core of everything we think we believe as a race and on a multitude of levels. Most notable amongst the resultant shockwaves being to family, social interaction, and to our personal value judgements. However, at DAVANT then we believe that the COMMERCIAL WORLD has also fundamentally changed. For reasons of safety then we have all had to resort to social distancing, constant mask wearing, and

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A look back at 2020

January 2021 At the turn of the New Year in 2021 then the UK finds itself once more in a lockdown, and for the third time, in a fight against an invisible enemy that continues to be as deadly as it is insidious. We have all been forced to consider our own mortality and that of our loved ones. However at the LINTHWAITE GROUP, t/a DAVANT, then we have also had a duty of care to our staff and their families in order to try to ensure that everyone stayed safe and well.

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