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Davant Insulation

Our insulation range comprises our new Climaflex BS 7523:1991 Type A - a flexible pipe insulation manufactured by extrusion of expanded polyethylene material. Features are:

Polyethylene Pipe Insulation (Class P Pre Rating)

Available in improved Thermal Conductivity (0.034 W/mK at 00C)

Totally CFC & HCFC Free.

Global Warming Potential (GWP) specified by “international panel on climate change” requires a reading of less than 5. Climaflex has a reading of Zero (0)

Relevant sizes exceed Water Byelaw 49 requirements.

Improved Thermal Conductivity availability allows compliance with Water Byelaw 49 by utilising thinner wall thicknesses to ease application in confined areas.

Improved Thermal Conductivity grade approved by Energy Action Grants Agency (EAGA) for use under Energy Efficiency Commitment (EEC) Schemes.

BSI Approved Product: Exceeds the requirements of BS 7523 :1991.

Ideal for Thermal Insulation of Pipework in Domestic situations.

Hygienic Product: Rot-proof; odourless and non-hydroscopic. Will not sustain vermin and will not encourage growth of fungi or mould.

Chemically Neutral.

Available with one wall thickness completely slit through to ease application.

Davant Insulation has it all

• H&V Foil
• Glass Wool Insulation
• Mangers Tank Jackets
• Insulation Accessories and much more...

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